October 7, 2009


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I, like many before me, have set up a ‘travel blog thingy’. For two reasons: It makes me feel like one of those ‘backpack journalists’, someone with an adequate amount of purpose and, in the sense of having no disernable physical direction, direction. Secondly, it allows me to convey information to those interested in what a semi self-hating Australian thinks about what he is unfamiliar with.  The dual benefit of doing so is that it spares you, the reader/friend/lover, potentially socially awkward situations whereby enduring hours of undoubtedly witty anecdotes upon my return is not something you would necessarily choose to do.  In doing so, I hope you will afford me the same courtesy upon returning from extensive travel.  So, in the spirit of facebook and twitter and, well, weblogs, allow me to indulge in a little bit of meism.  Welcome.  At times a highly self-aware, slightly neurotic travel blog thingy awaits, for your reading and commenting pleasure.

view from hostel window
View from hostel window

Toronto Australia New Zealand Club
CN Tower street art

Street art


Car in the brunswick of toronto